Wednesday, 14 March 2018 00:17

Cancellations - Wed. March 14, 2018

Cancellations - Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

As of 8:00 AM

  • All Schools in ASD-W will be closed today due to the poor weather and road conditions.

    The Fredericton and Oromocto francophone schools are closed today due to the weather. École Les Éclaireurs, école des Bâtisseurs, école Sainte-Anne et école Arc-en-ciel.

    UNB Fredericton and STU will be a delayed opening until 11:30AM

    Base Gagetown will be at minimum manning until noon today.

    Gagetown Military Family Resource Center delayed opening noon today. 

    Due to the storm, Fredericton Transit has delayed its start until 10:15 am from Kings Place

    Brookside Mall Walk In clinic closed today

    The following recreation facilities will delay opening until 10 am, March 14, 2018.
    •All City Arenas
    •Fredericton Indoor Pool
    •Stepping Stones Senior Centre
    •Johnson Avenue Senior Centre

     Fredericton City Hall and related administrative offices will delay opening until 10 am, March 14, 2018. This affects non-essential employees only.

    Dr. Luis Riveros, Ophthalmology office closed March 14th.

    “Security and Fraud for Seniors”, March 14, 2-4 pm, Willie O’Ree Place has been rescheduled to April 4, 2-4 pm, Willie O’Ree due to weather forecast.

    Gibson Memorial United Church Roast Pork Dinner on Wednesday, March 14th has been postponed until March 21st

    UPTOWN DENTAL – DR. Sachar Dvorkin Office will be closed until 11AM.

    Max Health Institute in the Currie Center will open with UNB at 11:30am.  

    Mindshift Clinic will have a delayed opening until 1:00 p.m.

    Bright Beginnings ELC will delay opening until 12pm and reassess by 11am

    Downtown Optometry Clinic  169 Dundonald street-will open late at 12 noon Wednesday 

    The Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage - Fredericton campus is closed Wednesday March 14th

    Classes at NBCC Fredericton are cancelled today. The campus will open at 1130 

    Autism Intervention Services in the Fredericton and Woodstock areas will be closed today, Wednesday, March 14th. 

    Fredericton Early Learning Centre is delayed opening until 11:00am

    Katie Bee's Children's Center will be delaying opening until 10 a.m

    Stepping Stones Senior Centre closed today

    Kinderland Daycare is closed today

    Fredericton Christian Academy Preschool-grade 12 are closed. After school and full day preschool are also closed 

    College Hill Daycare is closed today

    Sunny Days Children Center will be closed today

    After school and full day preschool are also closed this morning and we will reassess at 10 am. 

    All TD branches in the greater Fredericton area will be delaying their open until noon. A further update will be provided at 10:30

    Northside Daycare closed for the day

    Oromocto Training & Employment Centre Inc. closed today.

    The Children’s Academy will be closed today.  

    Tiny Bubbles Daycare opening at 9:00am today

    Service Canada and Passport Office opening at noon today

    Fredericton Weight Watchers Centre is closed today March 14, 2018

    Fitkids will be opening our doors at 9am this morning in both our locations.

    Greener Village will be closed today

    McMillan Dentistry will be closed until 10AM.

    Start SMART Family Learning Centre will have a delayed opening at 10am 

    Dr. Heather Stairs office in Oromocto has a delayed opening until noon. Will re-assess before noon

    Little Munchkins Preschool Center and Munchkins Clubhouse will be delaying opening until 7;30am

    Provincial Government offices in the Fredericton area will be closed until 11 a.m. today

    Adventureland Daycare will be closed today

    The office of Dr Jacques Beland has delayed opening until 9:30

    Jilly Beans Childcare is closed for the day.

    Rugrats Childcare Centre plans to open at 10 am, will reassess by 9 am. 

    Kids Korral daycare will delay opening, will reassess at 10:00 am

    Central Valley Adult Learning GED classes a the John Howard location are cancelled for today

    The Co-operators Insurance on Prospect street will tentatively delay opening until noon. Will re-asses conditions at that time. 

    Riverside Montessori Learning Centre will be closed today

    Simply For Life Fredericton will be delaying opening until 12:00 noon.

    York Dental delayed opening at 11am

    Midtown Dental delayed opening at 11am

    The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design has delayed opening until 12 noon today 

    Kingswood Fitness will have a delayed opening of 9am this morning 

    RPC Fredericton (921 college hill rd) delayed opening until 11 am

    Shooting Stars Daycare & After School in Oromocto will be opening at 9am 

    Eastern College Fredericton Campus morning classes are cancelled.  We will re-evaluate for afternoon classes at 10:30 this morning.

    Uptown Paint & Decorating will be closed till 10 am today

    Johnson Insurance is closed for the day

    Vogue Optical on169 Main Street, 573 King street, and gateway drive Oromocto all delaying opening until 11 Am. Will reassess at that time.

    Fredericton Christian Academy all day preschool and after school is now closed for the day as well

    SpringRoots ELCCC will be closed today. 

    All branches of RBC will delay opening till noon

    Family Enrichment and Counselling Service will be closed today Capital Region Mental Health and Addictions Association will be closed for the day. 

    Gibson Dental Street clinic opening at 11 am.

    Allaby Chiropractic Clinic will be closed for the day

    All preschool centres will open at 10:00, will reassess at 9:00

    Dr. Matt Steeves dental clinic will be closed for the day

    Dr Lauren Wiley’s office will delay opening until 10:30am. 

    Service de garde l’envolée (French daycare in Ecole les éclaireurs) will open at 11 today

    CBDC Southwest will be closed until noon today and will reassess at 11 am

    The John Howard Society of Fredericton is closed for the day.

    Allstate insurance will be closed until 11 am . We will reassess at that time

    Electric Motor Service will open at noon.  

    Tax Pros Inc will delay opening until noon. We will reassess at10:30. 

    Jobs Unlimited along with 6 Colour Copy, York St. Courier, The Mail Bag and The deli Connection are closed today

    All branches of BMO Bank of Montreal in the Fredericton area will delay opening until noon, with an update provided at 10am. 

    Dr. Brent Graham dental office closed today

    St. Mary's Community Adult Learning classes cancelled for the morning

    The UPS Store in Fredericton will delay opening until 10:30 AM

    Spectrum Vision Clinic will open at noon today

    Fit Right Denture Clinic on Hanwell Road closed for the day

    The St. John Ambulance office will delay opening until 11:00 AM

    Central Valley Adult Learning Association- Oromocto GED classes at Oromocto First Nations cancelled today.

    Crabbe Mountain will have a delayed opening due to high winds. Planning for a 12pm open, but will need to reassess the wind situation before opening.

    Clipperblade Hairstyling and Tanning will be closed today

    The Lighthouse Bookstore will delay opening until 11am today

     Covey Basics (all locations) will delay opening until 10:00 am

    The Fredericton Regional Family Resource Centre and ALL programs including Preschool and Afterschool are closed until 11am, will reassess at 10am.

    Dr Paul Lam office closed today

    Front Gate Financial Group will open at 10AM today Cambridge McKnight Ltd. have delayed opening until 10:30 today

    Investors Group Fredericton delayed opening until 11am

    Wednesdays at Wilmot closed for today

    All H&R Block will delay opening until 11 am

    Oromocto Vision closed for the day

    Fredericton Public Library, 12 Carleton Street  delayed opening until 11:00am today

    Amazon Pools & Spas will be opening at noon.

    UNI Financial Corporation of Fredericton temporarily closed

     Penningtons will delay opening until noon. We will reassess later this morning. 

    The CNIB office will be closed until noon

    L.Chedore Denture Clinic delayed open until 1pm. Will re-assess at that time

    CAA Office Corbett Centre delayed open until 10:30 please call ahead

    All branches of CIBC in the Fredericton area will delay opening until 11am, with reassessment at 10:15

    Enchanted Woods Play Cafe will be closed for the day

    The Fay Tidd Public Library in Oromocto will delay opening until 11am. All programs are cancelled for the day

    Wheaton's store in the Corbett centre will not be opening until 12 Noon, will re-asses by 11AM

    Northside Counselling Services will be closed until noon. We will reevaluate at that time

    Capital City Auto Parts will be closed for the day.

    Merrithews appliance sales and service will be delayed until 10 am

    RBC Banks in Fredericton, Oromocto and Harvey will delay opening until 12.

    LA Henry Law is closed today.

    Dr Amber Andrews Dental Clinic closed today

    Meal on Wheels meal deliveries cancelled for today

    Co-op Wee Care Daycare is delayed opening till 10:15am providing buses are running at 10:15.

    Canadian Red Cross Maple Street location delayed opening until 11am today

    Dr  Dalrymple  & Dr Patel will delay opening to 11am and will reassess at that time.

    Wicker Emporium, Corbett Centre will delay opening till 11am.